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Some of you may know the high school as McLeansboro Township High School, McLeansboro High School, or maybe even Hamilton County Jr./Sr. High.  Over the years the high school has undergone many changes and relocations throughout its rough upcoming, its most daring was its birth.  It took the township school twenty-five years before it received enough votes to make it possible and still there was controversy.

On April 28, 1927 the high school board was elected, C. C. Wright was elected president of the board, O. P. Harper was chosen to be the secretary, followed by Harry Ward, L. E. Lambert, and H. W. Adams.  These members served as the first official School Board of McLeansboro Township High School. 

The new township school had three proposed school sites the Campbell site on Randolph Street, Wilson site, and the Hall site.  On June 16th, 1927 the votes were counted and the Campbell site had won with 459 votes.  On February 16th 1928 the two-story brick Campbell house was destroyed so the construction of the township high school could get underway.  The cost for the township high school would be $75,000 to construct the building and the high school would cost $25,500 for annual maintenance. 

McLeansboro Township High School opened on Monday January 28th and welcomed all of its students and staff.  110 freshman, 70 sophomores, 79 juniors, and 70 seniors had enrolled on August 23.  There were only 10 faculty members for the opening year of the high school.  They were as follows:

  • E.S. Stuteville, superintendent and principal

  • John W. Epley, assistant principal, mathematics and science

  • John Land, coach, science and history

  • Marie Threlkeld, English and history

  • Agnes Carney, mathematics and English

  • Irene Blades, history, English, etc.

  • Ralph Elliott, economics, commercial law, etc.

  • Ora Rush, Latin, etc.

  • Hollie H. Bellinger, science

  • Martha Wolverton, bookkeeping, shorthand, typing.

In 1972 McLeansboro Township High School (MTHS) changed its name to McLeansboro High School (MHS). The high school changed its name again in 2001 to Hamilton County Senior High (HCSH) after the new building was built at One Fox Lane.


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