Scholastic Bowl

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The Hamilton County Scholastic Bowl is a group of students who go to other schools as well as colleges to answer the question of which school is smarter.  We have two teams in our school.  For students in the class of 9th and 10th is the Jr. Varsity Team and for the students in 11th and 12th is Varsity.



In a normal match there are two teams each made up of five people with one captain for each team.  The person who asks the questions is known as the moderator.  To play you need 10 lights and 10 buzzers so you know who got the question first.  You will also need 10 pencil's and some scrap paper so they can do math problems and bonuses.


There are a total of 24 tossup questions in a normal match.   These questions can answered by anyone person from each team only once meaning that once just one person from the team has answered then no one on that team can answer again until the next tossup.   If both teams miss then the next question is asked, but if one of them gets it right then a bonus question is asked. Note: When the question is asked you can buzz in while the moderator is reading the question if you know it.  When a question is answered correctly then a bonus question is asked.  There is a bonus question for each question.  There are 2-part, 3-part, and 4-part questions.  The team who got the question right gets a shot at it first and is given the ability for questions to be repeated and the ability to call time.  When time is called all papers must stop being passed to the captain. The captain's can still use their pencils to mark things, but the rest of the team MUST PUT THEIR PENCILS DOWN AND STOP PASSING PAPERS!!!!!!  If the team that answers the bonus questions first misses at least one.  Then the other team is allowed to give an answer for the questions that were missed.  Ex. Say team one got bonus questions 1 & 3 right on a 4 part bonus, but got 2 & 4 wrong.  Then team two is allowed to answer on questions 2 & 4 only.


Each tossup question is worth 10 points and each bonus question is worth 5 points individually.

How to Win

To win a match you need the most points at the end of the last question/bonus.  If there is a tie then tossup questions are asked until one team gets it right.