Sponsors - Mr. Vallowe & Mr. Hall


Hamilton County Science Club membership comes from the students of Hamilton County High School. These students are usually in a science class or have an interest in science, though this is not required. The science club meets monthly during school scheduled club meeting times. There is typically a speaker at these meetings that share science or environmental information with the students. The science club encourages recycling of all types and particular aids in the recycling of batteries. Batteries may be brought to science club sponsors in exchange for pawprints. The science club helps to manage and maintain the outdoor classroom. This area allows for hands on scientific study of habitat areas. The Bear Creek Arboretum / outdoor classroom has been featured on WSIL-TV 3 as a class act.


2012 - 2013 Membership

Nicholas Laswell

Andrew Wellen

Emmaline Hart

Dylan Mitchell

Devin Howton

Kyla Kiefer

Jenna Braden

Lucendia Adams

Kate Goin

Colton Bond

Zach Childers

Nick Jones

Marc Cox

Neal Colclasure

Casey FitzPatrick

Thomas Becker

Philip Rexing

Kyle Summerville

Cody Cockrum

Will Donelson

Trent Rubenacker