Questions to ask when visiting a college


Are there additional requirements for the desired major? How many students apply each year, and how many are accepted into the Program?

What is the professor to student ratio at the school? How many classes are taught by teaching assistants?

Does the program have a co-op or intern program? When can students begin those programs?

Is the intended major a four or five year program? What is the actual amount of time it takes students to complete the major?

If it is a pre-program, what are requirements for entering the program. How many enter each year of the number of applicants?

What is the placement rate for the major?

Are there any special housing options available to students? (Majors living in the same dorm, ect.)

Does the housing officer offer special payment plans of any kind?

Are students ever offered housing scholarships?

When are students able to move off-campus?

Are there any special tuition payment plans offered by the school?

What is the campus crime rate, and how does it rank with other colleges in Illinois?

Does the college rent textbooks or require students to buy them? Will the college buy used textbooks from students?