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Business Education


Accounting I
Prerequisite: Junior status
Rend Lake Dual Credit: OFTC 1233

Accounting I is a skill level course that is of value to all students pursuing a strong background in business, marketing, and management.  This course includes planned learning experiences that develop initial and basic skills used in systematically computing, classifying, recording, verifying, and maintaining numerical data involved in financial and product control records including the paying and receiving of money.  Instruction includes information on keeping financial records, summarizing them for convenient interpretation, and analyzing them to provide assistance to management or decision making.  Practice sets with business papers are used to emphasize actual business records management.


Accounting II
Prerequisite: Accounting I

Accounting II is a skill level course that builds upon the foundation established in Accounting I.  This course is planned to help students to develop a deeper knowledge of the principles of accounting with more emphasis being placed on financial principles as they apply to the more complicated types of business organizations: partnerships, corporations, branches, etc.  The students may become familiar with such specialized fields of accounting as cost accounting, tax accounting, payroll accounting, and others.  Simulated business conditions are provided through the use of practice sets.  Skills are developed in the entry, retrieval, and statistical analysis using computers for accounting business applications.  This course provides a technical background for college-bound students who plan a business curriculum, as well as those who are interested in vocational preparation.


Business & Technology

Business & Technology Concepts is a one-semester course designed for freshman and sophomore grade students.  The main objective of the course is to enable students to understand our economic society and to prepare them for intelligent participation in our free enterprise society.  The course also enables the student to develop the concept of wise consumership including the facts that as consumers there are certain rights and responsibilities.  Another objective is to give students an understanding of the need for well-trained workers and an appreciation for the necessity of choosing a career in which each individual can make the greatest contribution to society.  (This course meets the consumer education requirement as per the Illinois School Code.)


Computer Concepts I
Prerequisite:  Word Processing I

Computer Concepts I is a one-semester course that introduces students to applications in computers and computer technology.  This course will build students computer literacy skills by providing them with information related to the basic components of a computer.  Students will learn general information about the history of computers and the use of Windows 98, word processing, spreadsheet, database, Power Point and Internet skills that will prepare them for college level computer courses and entry-level job requirements using MS Office.  They will have the opportunity to explore general computer use and apply their skills across the high school curriculum.


Computer Concepts II
Prerequisite: Computer Concepts I

Computer Concepts II is a one-semester course that builds upon the skills learned in Computer Concepts I.  Students will learn Access, Word Perfect, Power Point and internet usage.  This class is composed of several units of computer-related topics, group projects and practical applications.


Desktop Publishing I (Introdution to Graphic Design)
Prerequisite: Computer Concepts I or Intro to Computers with a grade C or better
Rend Lake Dual Credit: GRD 1201

This course will be an introduction, which will result in preparing publications for commercial printing.  Brochures, letterheads, business cards, coupons, order forms, fliers, announcements, and newsletters are examples of document creations.  Importing charts, graphs, pictures and digitized images by the use of scanners, digital cameras and computer software will be utilized incorporating graphic design and page layout principles.


Desktop Publishing II
Prerequisite: Desktop Publishing I

A one-semester course designed to build upon skills learned in Desktop Publishing I, including the development of promotional materials, brochures and pamphlets, forms, newsletters and publications.  This course will also incorporate journalism and workplace skills.



This course will give students a greater understanding of economics ranging from the viewpoint of the individual consumer or small business owner to the global economy. The course will study the law of supply and demand, forms of business, labor unions, government finances and influence on the economy, money and prices, inflation and deflation cycles. The course relates history and politics to the study of economics.


Information Processing I (Yearbook)
Prerequisite: Computer Concepts I or Intro to Computers with a grade C or better  

Information Processing I is a skill-level course that includes the concepts and terminology related to the people, equipment, and procedures of information processing as well as skill development in the use of information processing equipment. Students will operate computer equipment to prepare memos, letters, reports, and forms. Students will create rough drafts, correct copy, process incoming and outgoing telephone calls and mail, and transmit and receive messages electronically. Students will create, input, and update databases and spreadsheets. Students will create data directories; copy, rename, move, and delete files, and perform backup procedures. In addition, students will prepare files to merge, as well as create mailing labels and envelopes from merge files. Students will learn to locate and retrieve information from hard copy and electronic sources, and prepare masters for a presentation using presentation software. Students will apply proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and proofreading practices. Accuracy will be emphasized. Workplace skills as well as communication skills (thinking, listening, composing, revising, editing, and speaking) will be taught and integrated throughout this course.

Length of course: 2 Semesters
Credits per Semester: .5
Grade level: 11-12


Intro to Computers
Prerequisite:  Junior Status
Rend Lake Dual Credit: CSCI 1101

This dual credit, one semester course is an introduction to the concepts and features of computer systems. Topics covered include: computer hardware, application software, systems software, networks, Internet, computer applications and social issues, data security and control. The student will learn basic operations of the personal computer, general application fundamentals, and the basic commands and operations of Windows.



Keyboarding is a one-semester course planned to develop basic skills in keyboarding technique for computer keyboards.  Major emphasis is placed on keyboarding technique, proofreading and developing speed.  During this course, emphasis is also placed on basic word processing using MS Word, including inputting, storing, editing, correcting and printing documents.  In addition, students will improve necessary language skills such as capitalization, punctuation and word usage.  Students will be taught to format letters and reports according to business and educational standards.


Web Page Design
Prerequisite: Computer Concepts I with grade C or better, Junior Status
Rend Lake Dual Credit: GRD 1215

Advanced Computer Applications is a one-year course for students interested in web page development. This course will teach students how to design web sites by introducing them to and refining their knowledge of site planning, page layout, graphic design, and the the use of markup languages--such as XHTML, JavasScript, and Dynamic HTML.  (Students are responsible for maintenance and design of


Web Page Design II
Prerequisite: Web Page Design I
(Fall Semester Only)

A one-semester course designed to enhance Web page design skills by using Java Script, Flash, Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop.  Students will practice skills learned by maintaining and designing pages for Unit


Word Processing
Prerequisite: Keyboarding (or pass proficiency exam)

Word Processing I is a one-semester course planned to develop basic word processing skills using MS Word, including inputting, storing, editing, correcting and printing documents.  Major emphasis is placed on report and letter formats, and proofreading.  Instruction will include improving necessary language skills such as capitalization, punctuation and word usage.  Students will also learn to format tables, newsletter and flyers.