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High School graduation requirements shall be in accordance with, meet, and/or exceed state requirements and regulations.  No prospective graduate from high school shall participate in the graduation exercises in any manner until he/she has met all of the requirements for graduation.
The requirements for graduation are 24.5 credits.  Requirements are as follows:

  • Four credits of English
  • Three credits of Mathematics (One must be Algebra I)
  • Two credits of Science
  • Two credits of Social Studies (one must be American History & 1/2 must be Civics)
  • P.E. or Health (while at HCSH unless excluded for health reasons or under policy IHFG).  Physical Education grades will not be used when computing scholastic rank.
  • Drivers Education (classroom part)
  • 1/2 credit of consumer education or achievement of at least minimum score specified by Illinois State Board of Education on the SBE Consumer Edu. Proficiency Test.
  • 1 Credit of Foreign Language, Fine Arts, or Vocational Education
  • 1 Credit of Computer Concepts and Applications (2 computer classes)
  • Sixteen credits must be made up of courses other than Band, Chorus, and P.E.
  • Students must attempt at least 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 credits freshman, sophomore, and junior years; and 5 credits senior year.