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Foreign Language
Spanish III
Spanish IV


Spanish I
Prerequisite: None

Spanish I is the introduction of the first level of study.  The student will learn basic vocabulary, cognate usage for reading and understanding, basic speaking and listening, and structure of grammar.  Culture awareness of similarities and differences is introduced.

Spanish II
Prerequisite: To enroll, quarter grades of "C" or higher are required for 2nd semester in Spanish I and consent of teacher.

Spanish II reviews the basics introduced at the first level of study and expands on the grammar necessary to communicate further in the Spanish language.  As the vocabulary base continues to grow, students will gain a better understanding of the written text.  Cognate usage becomes increasingly important in the expansion of the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The materials used in this advanced course are similar to those found at the beginning level.  Culture awareness continues to play a key role in classroom discussions as students explore the culture unites.