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Social Studies
World Religion Contemporary US Issues  


American History
Prerequisite: None

American History is a full year course tracing the history of our country from 1870 to the present.  Emphasis will be placed on helping students to think critically and reflectively as they study the great events of the late 19th and 20th Centuries.

Ancient History
Prerequisite: Junior or above status

Ancient History courses provide a survey of the evolution of society from the acient Middle East through Greek and Roman civilizations. Typically, in these courses, students study the rise and fall of civilizations and empires, with an emphasis on the legacies they provide to successive societies.


Civics is a full year course that will explore what it means to be a responsible U.S. citizen and will focus on a study of the U.S. Constitution and the Illinois Constitution.  Students will become aware of how their lives are affected by government and by the events in their community.  Illinois and United States constitution test requirements will also be met during this course.  It is a required course of seniors.

Prerequisite: Junior status

Economics is a one-semester course designed to introduce the student to economic systems, with emphasis on the American system.  A basic understanding of economic theories and principles will be used to identify problems, analyze data, chart trends, and engage in problem solving techniques.  Topics include supply and demand, types of business organization, competition and monopolies, money banking, the Federal Reserve System and fiscal vs. monetary policies.  Students will also participate in a 10-week Stock Market Game.

World History
Prerequisite: Sophomore or above status

This one-semester course will study world history from Medieval times to the Scientific Revolution.  This class will concentrate on the history of Europe and Asia.

Modern Wars
Prerequisite: Sophomore or above status

This one-semester course is designed to give students an in-depth study of the early wars and conflicts of the twentieth century.  The class will study World War 1, the Russian Revolution, Time Between Wars, the Holocaust, and World War 2.  Emphasis will be placed on the causes, connection, and results these events.

Prerequisite: Assett test & Junior Status
Rend Lake Dual Credit:
PSYCH 2101

Introduces basic concepts, important psychologist terms and theories.  Topics include biology and behavior, cognition, consciousness, learning, memory, motivation and emotion, psychological methods, sensation and perception theories of behavior and learning, thinking and language, and intelligence.

Study of the Holocaust
Prerequisite: Junior Status

This course is a comprehensive study of the Holocaust.  The students will study and analyze the historic foundation of anti-Semitism, the use of state sponsored indoctrination and discrimination, the persecution and segregation of the Jews, the steps taken by the Nazis to carry out the Final Solution, the response, or lack of, by nations and individuals to the Holocaust, and the aftermath, including the difficulties faced by survivors and the punishment of the perpetrators.  This course will rely heavily on analyzing primary documents.

U.S. Women's History

This course examine the history, politics, economics, and/or culture of gender in U.S. society. These courses may focus primarily on gender relations or may take a more comprehensive approach to studying the contemporary issues related to gender.

U.S. Studies
Prerequisite: Junior Status
Rend Lake Dual Credit: HIST 2101

This course will examine the history of the United States from its pre-colonial roots through the end of the American Civil War in 1865. It is an introductory, survey-level course that focuses on the formation and progression of American society, exposing students to the events, people and institutions that have played important roles in significantly shaping the political, economic and social aspects of the culture of the United States during the time period covered.

Southern IL History

This course examine the history, politics, economics, society, and/or cultures of one state in the United States. This course may focus primarily on the history of that state or may take an interdisciplinary approach to the contemporary issues affecting it.

Prerequisite: Junior Status
Rend Lake Dual Credit: SOCI 1101

Sociology courses introduce students to the study of human behavior in society. These courses provide an overview of sociology, generally including (but not limited to) topics such as social institutions and norms, socialization and social change, and the relationships among individuals and groups in society.

World Religion

Semester Course .5 credit

Courses survey and compare the various forms and values of several world religions, offering students a basic understanding of the world’s diverse religious faiths and practices. Course topics typically include the belief systems of adherents; the relationships between humans, nature, ancestors, and the spiritual world; and the historical development of each religion.

Contemporary US Issues

Semester Course .5 credits

Contemporary U.S. Issues courses study the political, economic, and social issues facing the United States, with or without an emphasis on state and local issues. These courses may focus on current issues or may examine selected issues that span throughout the 20th century to the present.