Local Scholarships Offered

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Local Scholarships
American Legion Auxiliary Post 106 (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Preference given to relative of a veteran.
Feb. 1
American Legion Post 106 (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to any senior planning to attend a 2 year, 4 year, or technical school.  Preference will be given to seniors related to a veteran. A copy of the DD214 must be attached to the application
Feb. 1
Beta Sigma Phi Chi Pi Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors.
Dec. 7
Burke Family Scholorship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Students interested in agriculture, natural resources, flower arranging or community service, essay, letters of recommendation.
Dec. 7
Brenda Lueke Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Jan. 23
Brian Lasater Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors, profiles required.
Nov. 16
Carl E. Nation Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Upper half of class, essay, letter or recommendation.
Feb. 22
Cindi Webb & Allan Hall Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors. Attach a resume and a transcript.
Oct. 17
Cindy Phillips Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Oct. 17
Dahlgren Fire Department Firemen Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Open to any senior who live in the Dahlgren Township.
Mar. 29
Dahlgren Parent-Teacher Organization (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
3.0 GPA, attended Dahlgren Grade School at least 2 years, essay.
Oct. 17
Deep South Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Open to any Senior.
April 5
Delta Kappa Gamma International Honor Society for Women Educators
(Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
High school female senior in the upper half of her class and plans to become a teacher.
Mar. 1
Dick Weinmann Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors.
Nov. 16
District 6510 RotaryScholarship (Adobe Reader)
Open to all seniors.

April 5

Doug Leeck Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Feb. 22
Eagles Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors.
Dec. 5
Elks Children's Care Program Scholarship (http://www.illinoiselksccc.org) Online.
Be enrolled full-time in PT, PTA or OT program, with B average.
Feb. 22
Elks National Foundation Legancy (Website Only) Feb 6
Elks National Most Valuable Student Scholarship (www.scholarship@elks.org/enf/scholars) Online Only.
High GPA, leadership, extra-curricular activities, essay required and income information required.
Nov. 28
Hamilton County 4-H Extension Foundation Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word)
Must be a 4-H member for all 4 years of High school.
Mar. 1
Hamilton County Ageless Iron Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Jan. 9
Hamilton County Booster Club Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors.
March 6
Hamilton County Coyote Club John McKenzie Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) Dec. 14
Hamilton County Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarship
(Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
March 20
Hamilton County FFA Alumni (Adobe Reader)
Must be a 4 year member of FFA. Ag majors will receive preference. There will be an interview as part of the application process on.
March 8
Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
3.0 GPA, must major in a field relative to natural resources.
Oct. 19
Hamilton Memorial Hospital Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Tuition and fees for LPN, RN, CAN, PTA, Lab Tech, Rad Tech.
Hamilton County Rotary (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Must have performed community service and write an essay.
Feb. 8
Hamilton County Telephone Co-op (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
March 13

Hamilton County Troops Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Two $250.00 scholarships will be open to any student planning to attend RLC with a military tie / family member.

March 8
Hamilton County Water District Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document) Feb. 22
Illinois AMVETS Scholarship (AMVETS Department of Illinois)
Relative of a veteran, and must have taken the ACT.
Service Foundation: (Adobe Reader)
Illinois AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary: (Adobe Reader)
Feb. 15
Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers
Illinois Division of Sons of Confederate Veterans Illinois Society (Adobe Reader)
March 13
Illinois Electric Cooperative (Thomas H. Moore) (www.seiec.com) Must be a customer. (Adobe Reader)
Dec. 5
Illinois Electric Cooperative (LaVern and Nola McEntire Line-worker's)  (www.seiec.com) Must be a customer. (Adobe Reader)
April 5
Illinois Federation of Teachers Local #4148 (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Education major, top half of class, essay, 2 letters of recommendation.
March 13

Illinois Sheriff's Association Scholarship
Open to all seniors, must be attending college in Illinois, full-time, only for tuition, books, or fees. Cannot be used in summer. (http://www.ilsheriff.org/index.php/scholarships/63) (Adobe Reader)

March 8
Illinois State Coonhunters Assoc. Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document) March 8
Jordan Gray Memorial Class of 2005 (Adobe Reader) Mar 22
John E. Burns (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Must be attending a 4 year college or university.
Jan. 11
Jump Leap Tumble with McLeansboro American Legion Post 106   (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to Seniors who have indicated a major that deals with children such as education or a medical field.
March 15
K.A.R.E. Foundation Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Open to all seniors, essay , letters of recommendation, student aid, report.
April 12
Karen Combs Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to prospective teachers. Seventh semester GPA and essay required.
March 20
Kay Mayberry and Jean Skinner Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Open to any senior
Feb. 22
Kiwanis Club - English (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors.
Nov. 9
Knights of Columbus (St. Isadore Council 7118)  (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors.
Oct. 26
Laborers' International Union of North America Local #1197 (Adobe Reader)
Relative of Local 1197 member, parents income range required, letter of recommendation.
Nov. 9
Lewis & Mary Kay Reed Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
500 word essay, letters of recommendation
Feb. 1
Lillian E. Glover Scholarship
GPA of 3.0/4.0 or above, non-weighted. Graduating senior, preparing to enter an Education or Education-related degree program requiring certification from a state board of education.
Feb. 8
Lucas Johnson Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) Mar. 8
Lynn Braden State Farm Scholarship (Adobe Reader) Mar. 6
Macedonia Masonic Lodge (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors who are attending Rend Lake College.
Feb. 1
Mary M. Winemiller Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) Feb. 22
Matt Lueke Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Dec. 5
McLeansboro Elks Lodge (Richard Jackson & W.E. Schuster) (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors, application must be signed by Elks member.
Oct. 24
McLeansboro PTA Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Must have attended entire 6th year at East Side, essay, top half of class.
Oct. 24
National Wild Turkey Federation's Academic Scholarship Program Application (Adobe Reader)
Dec. 14
Nicholas Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) March 22
Odd Fellow/ Rebekah Scholarship (www.ioof-il.org)
Essay, financial information required.
Feb. 15
Peg Edwards Nursing Scholarship Application (Adobe Reader) Mar. 22
Peoples National Bank (Adobe Reader)
B average after seven semesters, leadership, extra-curricular, parent of student must have an account at Peoples Bank.


Rend Lake College High Achievers Award (Available in the Guidance Office)
27 ACT or higher, tuition, books, fees for 6 semesters- summer, fall, spring for 2 years.
Feb. 22
Rend Lake College Liberal Arts Scholarship (Adobe Reader) See the Award Rules and Requirements here.
For any Senior wishing to Major in History
April 17
Rend Lake Foundation www.rlc.edu/foundation
(https://webapp.rlc.edu/foundation/scholarship_apply.php) Open to all seniors attending Rend Lake College.
Feb. 22
Richard W. Jones Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) (Word Document
A male athlete in multiple sports that demonstrates very positive values on and off the playing field.
Jan. 11
Rotary International District Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Must have performed community service and write an essay.

South East Illinois Area Health Education Center Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Must be pursuing entry into any health science program. 2.5 GPA

Mar. 8
Sons of the American Legion (Adobe Reader) (Word Document)
Open to all seniors, preference given to relatives of veterans.
Jan. 23

Township Officials of Illinois Scholarship (Adobe Reader)
Open to students who intend to major in a Social Science field.

Feb. 22
Walter and Daisy Fagan Memorial Scholarship (Adobe Reader) Apr. 3
Wabash Area Development, Inc. (Available in guidance office)
Open to all seniors. Selection is based on family income. (Adobe Reader)
Mar. 22

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