Most scholarships are due from October to the end of April. Many times two or more scholarships are due within a day of each other. The following information is given to help make the search for scholarship funds less stressful. Apply for all you can; don't get caught by the deadline. Please understand that due dates are when they must be in the possession of the donor. By all means, do not wait until the last day to get the applications to the guidance office. Also, have the application completed when it is given to the counselor. The application reflects the person applying for the scholarship. The competition is great enough for the best of applications. Do not send anything less than the best.

* Scholarships should be typed when possible.

* Make 1 or 2 copies of the application to have a rough draft before beginning the

process of filling it out.

* Read the application carefully and completely before beginning the process filling it out. Students should not submit a scholarship application of they do not meet the eligibility requirements. If there is a question, contact Mr. Lapington.

* The student should write an essay detailing past experiences, school and community leadership activities, honors, future educational plans, and future career goals.

This essay should be around 300 words.

* Get your reference letters ready by asking your outside or personal reference to write you a letter. It is poor etiquette to ask a person to write a letter of recommendation with only a few days notice.

* The guidance/student services office will have the original copy of a transcript for students to copy. Students are responsible for copying their transcript.

* Students will receive credit in English IV for completing and submitting applications. To earn credit, they must be submitted on time. Students will be given a receipt to keep for their files and one to give to your English IV teacher.