Click to start the tour.

The Virtual Tour at first is a little confusing, we have created these directions hopefully to make it easier for you to navigate. 

Once you begin the tour, you will be asked to choose an area of the school from the map. 

1.    Each page has directional arrows in the bottom left hand corner. 

(Shown Here)

2. To move forward, press the up arrow

3. To look left, use the left directional arrow.

4. To look right, use the right directional arrow.

5. To turn around, us the back, or down, directional arrow.

6. To Return to this page, click the title at the top of any page.

Remember, each page has a new set of arrows.
If an arrow isn't linked, then you cannot move beyond that point.

Note: If you encounter any problems with any part of the virtual tour, please email us at

The virtual tour was created through the efforts of Mrs. Auten's Advanced Computer Applications class.