Junior High Guidance Department

JH Guidance          

My name is Katye Roper.  I graduated with my Masters in Social Work from USI.  After that, I worked in Crisis and Outpatient Mental Health before going back to school to receive my School Social Work Endorsement. 

After completing my School Social Work Endorsement I began working with Wovsed (Wabash and Ohio Valley Special Education District) as a Social Worker.  I now am the Guidance Counselor for the Hamilton County Junior High, as well as East Side and Dahlgren Elementary Schools. 

I love being dedicated to the same group of students and seeing them through from Kindergarten all the way to high school. Being with the same students from kindergarten to 8th grade allows the unique opportunity to provide personalized support and care to kids throughout their educational careers. Supporting kids as they navigate the sometimes bumpy ride of growing up is exceptionally rewarding to me. 

It is a privilege to serve the students and earn their trust.  It is my goal to always have an open door for parents and students to help facilitate conversations and find solutions to whatever hurdles they are facing.