Hamilton County PreSchool and Daycare Center employs the use of the Creative Curriculum to guild the education and development of each child served by the Center. The schedule should be structured so that activities are planned ahead of time.  Staff should plan for small group activities for one week at a time.  Lesson plans are to be turned in to the Director and kept on file each Friday before the new week.

The childcare schedule is flexible, but also allow for structure.  Other program scheduleS will be approved by the Director.

7:00-8:00                   Arrival, Toy Play
8:00-8:05                   Cleanup and bathroom
8:05-8:30                   Breakfasts
8:30-8:35                   Cleanup (Handwashing/Bathroom)
8:35-8:50                   Music (Monday/Thursday)
8:50-9:20                   Centers
9:20-9:45                   Circle Time, Show and Tell, Planning Time
9:45-10:00                 Story
10:00-11:00               Small Circle Time
11:00-11:20               Supervised Inside/Outside Play
11:20-11:30               Handwashing/Bathroom
11:30-12:00               Lunch
12:00-12:10               Handwashing/Bathroom
12:10-12:30               Quiet Group Activities, Story, Songs
12:30-2:30                 Rest time (for those who sleep)
12:30-1:30                 Rest time (for those who do not sleep)
1:30-2:30                   Supervised Indoor/Outdoor Playground
2:30-3:00                   Table Manipulatives
3:00-3:25                   Free Playground
3:25-3:30                   Handwashing/Bathroom
3:30-3:45                   Snack
3:45-3:50                   Handwashing/Bathroom
3:50-4:15                   Gross Motor
4:15-5:15                   Centers
5:15-5:30                   Table Manipulatives

Free play consists of time when the children are supervised, but are allowed to play with any toys available.  Teachers also provide special activities, such as card or board games, art activities, songs, stories, and block building during this time.

Circle Time is a large group run time activity where the children gather together and discuss the calendar, the weather, the days of the week, months of the year, birthdays, the year, recognition of children's names of those who are present, the pledge of Allegiance, patriotic and children's songs, finger plays, show and tell, and stories.

Small group activities are planned for at least on hour each day.  During this hour, the children are divided into age groups with different abilities being considered and adjustments made. During this hour, curriculum is planned to include language development, math, art, and science activities focusing around different subjects.  Concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, and letters are to be taught during this time.