The preschool program goals are:

For the Child:

  • To provide opportunities for being with other children in a setting conducive to the   development of wholesome social relationships and to enhance their self-esteem.
  • To provide appropriate play experiences that contribute to the developmental needs of the child, including encouraging self-discipline, responsibility, and citizenship characteristics.
  • To provide opportunities for meaningful play that is based on the child's individual needs, interests, handicaps, and abilities, and that will build important foundations for future reading skills and other academic pursuits and academic abilities.

For the Parents/Guardians:

  • To provide opportunities to meet with and work with other parents and teacher who have as their common concern the interests and needs of the pre-kindergarten and primary child.
  • To provide care for the child while the parents pursue their own work or other interests.
  • To provide opportunities to grow in the understanding of child development through a planned educational program.

For the Community:

  • To help meet the needs of the community for an early childhood educational facility.
  • To contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the future citizens of the community.
  • To enhance the role of the Community Service Club as an integral part of the community.
  • To provide a setting where people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds can work together for a common interest.

Services are available to all persons who meet eligibility requirements regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin, and color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.
Mrs. Christina Epperson
Preschool Program Principal/Director