0-3 Prevention Initiative Program

The Prevention Initiative Program (PI) is funded through Illinois State Board of Education. The PI Program is a free home visiting program for children prenatal to age three. Families that qualify through a screening process can choose to participate in bi-weekly personal encounters. Group encounters are held each week. The PI program provides support, information, and encouragement to families to help their child develop at the most crucial time of their life. Through personal encounters, our program provides early, continuous, and comprehensive child development information and family support services to help families build a strong foundation for learning to prepare children for later school success. Each Friday a group is offered. Parents gather with their children in the lobby of thegym and have the opportunity to play together. Playgroup gives the children an opportunity to explore our art materials; play with a wide variety of toys, and experience stories and a snack. Let’s Move offered in the Lobby gives the children a chance to sing and dance, and become exposed to a variety of musical instruments. Explore Group will explore the community and will end at the McCoy Memorial Library. Children can become familiar with the library and its resources. During the time together we will explore the community and read stories and complete art projects. Social Hour gives the children another opportunity for play interaction. This will give parents/caregivers time to enjoy the support of group discussions about the joys and challenges of life with infants and toddlers.

Family Fun Days/Nights will be held monthly. These will be planned activities for families to have fun while learning and interacting. Parents of infants and toddlers face many of the same challenges and appreciate support and encouragement of others that have met those challenges successfully. Quarterly parenting workshops offer families an opportunity to discuss a variety of parenting information, such as toilet training, child guidance and discipline, nutrition, etc. This allows caregivers to be involved in a support group and provides them with important child development information. A monthly calendar is provided to our families to keep them informed of activities that are planned within the program. Parenting and child development information is also available through our lending library for families.