Hamilton County Preschool’s mission is for each child to have positive learning experiences which will provide a base to begin the growing process of learning.

The Staff of Hamilton County Preschool Center recognize that positive learning experiences occur with a higher degree of frequency using a team approach.  This approach not only includes members of the Staff, but must include the child's family members and community.


Purpose and Philosophy

Hamilton County Child Care is a direct result of an opinion poll taken in Hamilton County.  Members of the Hamilton County Human Services Council distributed the opinions poll throughout all schools in Hamilton County.  It was the opinion of the respondents that there was a need for a childcare center within Hamilton County.  The purpose of the child program shall be to provide a child care program that will benefit children, parents/guardians, and citizens of Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

            Hamilton County Preschool Center will provide a basic program of well-balanced and constructive activities in the areas of speech and language, pre-reading, math, social, gross motor, fine motor, and self-help skills geared to the age levels and developmental needs of the children.  The day shall be scheduled to provide a regularity of a routine, a balance of active and quiet play, daily periods of outdoor activity, snack and meal times, and a supervised rest period.  The program shall include experiences through which the children learn about the self, social relationships, and the world in which they live.

            A screening is available during each school year.  Teachers constantly use individual assessments through the enrollment period.

            It is important for the staff members to encourage and support a good relationship between the children and themselves.  They should also focus on each child's individual needs and help children to develop acceptable social techniques.

            Hamilton County Preschool Center should help not only parents/guardians who work, but also those who need help in handling conflicts or problems in the home situation.  The parents can be assured that proper care is being given to their children at all times.