Hamilton County Schools Foundation

Minutes of Meeting Held December 1, 2010



Present:  Mike Karcher, Lovella Craddock, Mary Little, Vince Mitchell, Mary Lee Stephens, Ryan Nelson, Kathy Pryer, Karen Rapp, and Virginia [Bobbin] Lasater


Guest:  Carmin & Megan Rubenacker


The meeting was called to order by Mike Karcher at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 Office.


Mike introduced Carmin Rubenacker and daughter, Megan.  Carmin brought the list of donations in memory of Rodney.  Discussion followed.  The Rubenacker Family has not made a final decision on how they would like Rodney’s donations distributed.  Carmin and the Rubenacker Family will review ideas and options and discuss with the School Foundation at a later date.   


Motion to approve the minutes of the September 15, and October 2, 2010 meetings was made by Vince and seconded by Lovella.  Motion approved by voice vote.


The Treasurer’s Report as of November 30, 2010 indicating a balance in the checking account of $18,118.20, [included in this amount is $452.80 for the Track Renovation Project, $9,195.00 in the restricted fund[Rodney Rubenacker], and $8,470.40 in the general fund], Combs-Money Market of $1,168.63, Lasater-Savings of $121.54, Combs-Scholarship of $27,852.00, Lasater-Scholarship of $26,065.09, Weinmann Scholarship CDs of $23,558.52, Weinmann McCoy Library CD of $3,118.16, Banterra - Foundation unrestricted of $353.87, Weinmann McCoy Library money of $500.00, and Weinmann Scholarship money of $1,500.00.  Foundation has total assets of $102,356.11.  Discussion followed.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as of November 30, 2010 was made by Bobbin and seconded by Karen.  Motion approved by voice vote. 


Approval to pay bills:  None to approve.



Old Business

  1. Carmin Rubenacker to Address the Foundation:  Mike had Carmin speak first at the meeting as her and her daughter had to leave to go to a ball game.
  2. Mailing List/Membership Renewals:  Bobbin had the 2011 Alumni Drive letter and the 2011 Membership Drive letter ready for the Foundation Board Members’ signatures.  She will be sending out the membership renewals in January, 2011.  Also, with the updated alumni letter she will send out letters to the classes of 1960, 1965, 1975, 1998, and 2000. 
  3. Annual BBQ Summary & Future Planning:  Bobbin passed out the Foundation BBQ 2010 summary.  Discussion followed.  No changes were made at this time.
  4. Other:  None


New Business

  1. All Class Reunion Update:  Lovella reported that the committee had a planning meeting on Saturday with the Classes of 1929 thru 1965 meeting from 9 AM to 11 AM and the Classes of 1966 thru present meeting from 12 PM to 2 PM.  Each class was given a packet of information.  The committee also gave the packet of information to the representative, Vicki Ellingsworth for Dahlgren High School.  They are compiling pictures and history from every High School in Hamilton County.  This history will be printed in book form and will be for sale.  The committee also plans to raffle off several prises; golf club set, Jerry Sloan , Hall of Fame picture, Carl Mauck, Houston’s Oiler picture. 2 throws, a trip to Branson, MO., etc….  The All Class Reunion is scheduled for July 5-6-7, 2012. 
  2. Future Considerations/Strategic Planning Ideas:  Discussion followed.  Several ideas were discussed; Pressbox with bathrooms underneath and a concession stand, Sidewalk from the greenhouse to the girl’s baseball field with handicap parking, and Smartboard system[$2,500/each] for 25 classes at East Side School. 
  3. Other:  none


The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 office.


Mary Lee motioned to adjourn, seconded by Karen.  Motion approved by voice vote.  The meeting was adjourned.


Date:   approved 2/9/2011     


  Virginia Lasater                           

Virginia Lasater, Secretary

Hamilton County Schools Foundation