Hamilton County Schools Foundation

Minutes of Meeting Held May 18, 2011



Present:Mike Karcher, Lovella Craddock, Mary Little, Vince Mitchell, Ryan Nelson, Karen Rapp, Kathy Pryer, and Virginia [Bobbin] Lasater


The meeting was called to order by Mike Karcher at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 Office.


Motion to approve the minutes of the March 23, 2011 meeting was made by Karen and seconded by Vince. Motion approved by voice vote.


The Treasurerís Report as of May 18, 2011 indicating a balance in the checking account of $30,147.10, [included in this amount is $452.80 for the Track Renovation Project, in the restricted fund; $9,295.00 for Rodney Rubenacker, $200.00 for Combs Scholarship , $50.00 for Lasater Scholarship, $5,000.00 for Lewis & Mary Reed Scholarship, $317.33 for Don Hall Memorial Scholarship, and $14,831.97 in the general fund], Combs-Money Market of $2,002.24, Lasater-Savings of $1,122.62, Combs-Scholarship of $27,852.00, Lasater-Scholarship of $26,424.55, Weinmann Scholarship CDs of $23,558.52, Weinmann McCoy Library CD of $3,118.16, Banterra - Foundation unrestricted of $353.87, and Weinmann Scholarship money of $1,500.00. Foundation has total assets of $116,079.16.Discussion followed.The Foundation received a Thank-you from the Library for the Summer Reading Program.Motion to approve the Treasurerís Report as of May 18, 2011 was made by Kathy and seconded by Ryan.Motion approved by voice vote.


Approval to pay bills:PBIS for $432.00.



Old Business

  1. By-Laws Change to Maximum of Eleven Directors Consideration:Discussion followed.The by-laws now state the maximum authorized number of directors is nine [9].Motion was made by Mary and seconded by Vince to change Section 4.2 to; the maximum authorized number of Directors of the Corporation shall be eleven [11] until changed by amendment to these bylaws.
  2. Mailing List / Membership Renewals:None
  3. All Class Reunion Update:Karen went to the meeting held on May 14, 2011.The All Class Reunion will be a great opportunity to pass out brochures and inform alumni about the Hamilton County Schools Foundation.The next meeting will be July 9, 2011.The committee will also have a booth at the Car Show and Fall Festival.Lovella reported that the bricks with your name and class year are selling well and that the raffle tickets are progressing.Vicki Ellingsworth is updating the Dahlgren High School alumni booklet.
  4. Other:Kathy will contact Mr. Whipple about the wood pens.

New Business

  1. Scholarship Awards Update:Kelsey Klein has been awarded the 2011 Brian Lasater Memorial Scholarship.We will update at our next meeting the recipients of the Karen Combs, Dick Weinmann, and Lewis & Mary Reed scholarships.
  2. Annual BBQ Ė Tentatively October 1, 2011:Discussion followed.A motion to change the date of the annual BBQ from Homecoming weekend to November 5, 2011 was made by Karen and seconded by Lovella.Motion approved by voice vote.
  3. Other:No update from the Rubenacker family on Rodney Rubenackerís restricted fund.Also, mentioned the dedication of the Carl Mauck Field will be at the September 23rd football game.


The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 office.

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Kathy motioned to adjourn, seconded by Vince. Motion approved by voice vote.The meeting was adjourned.


Date:††† approved 8/10/2011††††


Virginia Lasater†††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Virginia Lasater, Secretary

Hamilton County Schools Foundation