Hamilton County Schools Foundation

Minutes of Meeting Held August 10, 2011



Present:  Mike Karcher, Lovella Craddock, Mary Little, Vince Mitchell, Ryan Nelson, Mary Lee Stephens, and Virginia [Bobbin] Lasater


Guest:  Jeff Fetcho


The meeting was called to order by Mike Karcher at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 Office.


Motion to approve the minutes of the May 18, 2011 meeting was made by Lovella and seconded by Mary.  Motion approved by voice vote.


The Treasurer’s Report as of August 10, 2011 indicating a balance in the checking account of $35,257.10, [included in this amount is $452.80 for the Track Renovation Project, in the restricted fund; $9,295.00 for Rodney Rubenacker, $317.33 for Don Hall Scholarship, $9,975.00 for Lewis & Mary Reed Scholarship, and $15,216.97 in the general fund], Combs-Money Market of $1,596.18, Lasater-Savings of $748.05, Combs-Scholarship of $27,852.00, Lasater-Scholarship of $26,606.14, Weinmann Scholarship CDs of $23,558.52, Weinmann McCoy Library CD of $3,118.16, Banterra - Foundation unrestricted of $353.87, Weinmann McCoy Library money of $500.00, and Weinmann Scholarship money of $1,000.00.  Foundation has total assets of $109,360.08.  Discussion followed.  Of the $15,216.97 in the general fund, the Board has committed $7,500.00 to East Side Grade School for smart boards.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as of August 10, 2011 was made by Mary Lee and seconded by Vince.  Motion approved by voice vote. 


Approval to pay bills:  None to approve.



Old Business

  1. Annual BBQ – November 5,2011:

1.      Meal Planning; Discussion followed.  Bobbin mentioned having scalloped potatoes instead of potato salad. 

2.      Location; Commons area instead of the Jr. High gym.  It should be a better area.

3.      Decorate on Saturday morning, instead of Friday afternoon, due to conflict in schedule, and then prepare meal.

4.      Fund’s purpose; Discussion followed.

5.      Cost; $15/each or 2/$25.

6.      Advertising; Business’ marquees, Peoples National Bank, Hamilton Memorial Hospital, East Side Grade School, etc….

7.      Entertainment; Discussion followed; tricky trays, entertainment acts, etc.  Lovella will contact Brown’s grandson about performing.

8.      Door prizes; Yes.  Mary Little will contact Blue Sky Winery about a Gift Certificate for an overnight stay. 

9.      Supplies; check existing supplies, then make list of needed items.

  1. Mailing List/Membership Renewals:  None to report.  Ryan will work on the classes that have had recent reunions. 
  2. All Class Reunion Update:  Lovella reported the plans are gong forward.  The Committee has to sell Christmas Ornaments with the Old and New High School pictured for $15.00/each.  The Committee will have a booth at the Fall Festival being held September 8th, 9th, and 10th.  Vicki Ellingsworth updated the Dahlgren High School alumni listing.  The committee is still working on the history and pictures for all the high schools in Hamilton County. 
  3. Other:  Carmen Rubenacker and family are ready to move forward with he memorial in memory of Rodney this Fall.  They will meet with Vince to discuss.  The electricity has not been found in the front lawn of the school complex. 


New Business

  1. Dahlgren School Request:  Vince presented to the Board a letter from the Dahlgren School Staff dated May 20, 2011.  The computer lab consists of 30 six to ten year old hand-me-down computers with some being non-operational on a daily basis.  Their goal is to purchase 30 new computers for the lab in the next year and any support the School Foundation could provide toward their goal would be greatly appreciated.  Motion was made by Ryan to donate $2,500.00 to Dahlgren Grade School to help achieve their goal for new computers and seconded by Mary Lee.  Motion approved by voice vote.
  2. Other:  Discussion followed about adding two board members to the Hamilton County Schools Foundation Board.  A motion was made by Mary to appoint Pat Woley and Jeff Fetcho to the Foundation Board, seconded by Lovella.  Motion approved by voice vote.  The board terms are as followed:

·        Mary Little – 2011

·        Virginia Lasater – 2011

·        Vince Mitchell – 2011

·        Mike Karcher – 2012

·        Kathy Pryer – 2012

·        Mary Lee Stephens – 2012

·        Jeff Fetcho - 2012

·        Pat Woley - 2013

·        Lovella Craddock – 2013

·        Ryan Nelson – 2013

·        Karen Rapp – 2013


The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 office. 


Mary Lee motioned to adjourn, seconded by Vince.  Motion approved by voice vote.  The meeting was adjourned.


Date:    approved 9/28/2011                


  Virginia Lasater                           

Virginia Lasater, Secretary

Hamilton County Schools Foundation