Hamilton County Schools Foundation

Minutes of Meeting Held November 20, 2013



Present:  Mike Karcher, Lovella Craddock, Mary Little, Vince Mitchell, Mary Lee Stephens, Karen Rapp, Ryan Nelson, and Virginia [Bobbin] Lasater


The meeting was called to order by Mike Karcher at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 Office. 


Motion to approve the minutes of the May 20, 2009 and the June 24, 2009 meetings was made by Vince and seconded by Mary.  Motion approved by voice vote.


The Treasurer’s Report as of July 29, 2009 indicating a balance in the checking account of $566.47, [included in this amount is $390.76 for the Track Renovation Project, $0.00 in the restricted account, and $175.71 in the general fund], Combs-Money Market of $647.85, Lasater-Savings of $110.30, Combs-Scholarship of $27,852.00, Lasater-Scholarship of $24,616.68, Weinmann Scholarship CDs of $25,000.00, Tennis-Basketball Project account of $7.58, Weinmann McCoy Library CD of $4,060.95, and Track Renovation Fund of $14,337.69. [This is the remaining amount from the Weinmann $25,000.00 Track CD that was transferred to pay track invoices.]  The Foundation has total assets of $97,199.52.  Discussion followed.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Reports as of July 29, 2009 was made by Karen and seconded by Mary Lee.  Motion approved by voice vote. 


Approval to pay bills:  A motion to approve the payment of bills of 2 - $1,000.00 scholarships to the Rend Lake College Foundation, $25.00 to Hamilton County Community Unit Dist#10 for special education, and $10.00 to Jesse White, Secretary of State for business registration fees was made by Karen and seconded by Mary Lee.  Motion approved by voice vote.  


Old Business

  1. Tennis/Basketball Complex Project Update:  The dedication of the Dick Weinmann Courts went well.  Discussion followed: 

·        Possible problem with the deco coating or asphalt on the courts.  Mike will contact the company to see if it is a problem and what needs to be done.

·        Lights on the new courts are not working properly.  The wrong size circuit breakers were used.  Nelson’s Electric will order and replace with new circuit breakers.

·        Vince will put parking bumpers around the new courts in the fall.

·        Discussed surveillance cameras around the area to deter vandalism.

·        Discussed turn around gates.  There have been some problems with bikes on the courts.  Vince will price the gates.  Mike thought the gate would be around $3,500.00

  1. Mailing List/Membership Renewals:  Ryan brought the 1999 Class reunion book.  Bobbin will send out the alumni membership drive letters to this class.  Remember to get books from any class reunion.
  2. Other:  None


New Business

  1. Track Committee Update:  The pole vault and long jump are completed.  Kenny Lasater has been a valuable asset to the track project.  The fence poles are being set in concrete and then the green fencing will be installed. 
  2. Annual BBQ Dinner:  September 26, 2009 at 6:00 PM at the Junior High Gym
    • Price - $15.00 each or 2 or $25.00
    • Tickets – Karen
    • Flyers – Karen
    • Menu – Barbecue – Birkner’s – Bobbin, Potato Salad – Food Park, Slaw – order shredded cabbage from school – Mary Lee, Desserts and Silverware – Mary Lee, Baked Beans – Karen.
    • Decorations – Karen will talk to Penny Lee.
    • Trivia – Mike
    • Football games – sell tickets at the games on 9/4/09 - ?????, 9/18/09 – Karen, 9/25/09 – Karen. 
  3. Other:  The Foundation received a Thank You Note from Ann Johnson for the donation from the Weinmann Trust for the 2009 Summer Reading Program.  Vince handed out an excess school property sale sheet. 



The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 5:00 PM at the Unit #10 office.


Vince motioned to adjourn, seconded by Ryan.  Motion approved by voice vote.  The meeting was adjourned.


Date:    approved 8/26/2009                            


   Virginia Lasater                                          

Virginia Lasater, Secretary

Hamilton County Schools Foundation