Regular Meeting

         December 19, 2006 at 5:00 p.m.

Location of Meeting:  Junior High Library



I.                      Call to Order


II.              Roll Call


III.                      Consent Agenda  (action required):                    

A.                 Minutes of Regular Meeting – November 21, 2006

B.                 Minutes of Special Meeting – December 1, 2006

C.                 Treasurer’s Report

D.                 Budget Reports

E.                  Bill Listing

F.                  Out-of-State Trips


IV.                    Correspondence           


V.                      Recognition of Visitors


VI.          Superintendent’s Report

    A.  Status Report

    B.   Curriculum Report


                   VII.           Old Business


    A.  Final Adoption: Revised Policy IFBG (action possible)

    B.  Final Adoption: Revised Policy JBCBA (action possible)

    C.  Final Adoption: Revised Policy JR (action possible)


                  VIII.           New Business


A.     Resolution to Seek Bids for Health/Life Safety Work (action possible)

B.     Consideration of New High School Gym Rental for Youth Concert (action required)

C.     Authorization to Seek Fuel Bids (action possible)

D.     Approval of District Participation in “Earth Day in the Parks” Project (action possible)

E.      Executive Session

a.       Personnel Considerations

b.       Pending Litigation Update

c.       Student Disciplinary Action

F.      Open Session:  Action Following Executive Session (if any)

a.       Personnel Considerations (action possible)

b.       Pending Litigation Update (action possible)

c.       Student Disciplinary  Action (action possible)


                    IX.           Adjournment