Regular Meeting

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.

             Location of Meeting:  Unit Office Board Room __________________________________________________________________


                               I.               Call to Order


II.                        Roll Call


III.                      Consent Agenda (action required)

A.                  Minutes of Regular Meeting – November 18, 2008

B.                   Treasurer’s Report

C.                   Budget Reports

D.                  Bill Listing

E.Destruction of Executive Session Audio Tapes Older than 18 Months as per Code

F.Out-of-State Trips

G.                   Final Adoption: Policy JGCA – Revised

H.                  Final Adoption: Policy JGCB – Revised

I.                     First Reading: Policy JGCD – Revised

J.             First Reading: Policy GBKB - Revised


                            IV.               Correspondence


                             V.            Recognition of Visitors


                            VI.               Superintendent’s Report

                                                A.    Status Report


                           VII.               Old Business

A.      Building and Grounds Update (action possible)


                         VIII.               New Business

A.      Approval of the FY ’09 Response to Intervention Plan-RtI (action possible)

B.       Authorization to Seek Fuel Bids (action possible)

C.       Approval of School Improvement Plans (action possible)

D.      Ticket Distribution Policy-Athletic Committee (action possible)

E.       Approval of Cafeteria Supplies Bids (action possible)

F.       Executive Session

                a.             Personnel Considerations

        b.             Pending Litigation Update

        c.             Student Disciplinary Action


G.       Open Session:  Action Following Executive Session (if any)

                a.             Personnel Considerations (action possible)

                b.             Pending Litigation Update (action possible)

                c.             Student Disciplinary Action (action possible)



                   IX.             Adjournment