Regular Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 6:00 p.m.

             Location of Meeting:  Unit Office Board Room



                               I.               Call to Order


II.                        Roll Call


III.                      Consent Agenda (action required)

A.                  Minutes of Regular Meeting – January 19, 2010

B.                   Minutes of Special Meeting – January 29, 2010

C.                   Treasurer’s Report

D.                  Budget Reports

E.Bill Listing

F.Destruction of Executive Session Audio Tapes Older than 18 Months as per Code

G.                   First Reading: Revised Policies GAAA, ED & ED-1, JBCBC & JBCBC-R, KABA & KABA-R, 1 & 2

H.                  Final Adoption: Policies BBBAA, DA-R, FDAB, GAN, IDD, IDDG, IFBG, JBCA

I.             Out-of-State Trips

J.             Authorization to Seek Federal & State Grants, as Determined by Need


                            IV.               Correspondence


                             V.            Recognition of Visitors


                            VI.               Superintendent’s Report

                                                A.    Status Report


                           VII.               Old Business

A.      Consideration to Redeem Wabash Valley Service Co. Class E Stock (action possible)


                         VIII.               New Business

A.      Designation of an Additional Freedom of Information Officer  (action possible)

B.       Appointment of Open Meetings Act Designees for Training  (action required)

C.       Building and Grounds Summer Projects (action possible)

D.      Renewal of a Three Year Contract with Witter Studio (action possible)

E.       Executive Session

a.        Personnel Considerations

b.       Student Disciplinary Action

c.        Pending Litigation


F.       Open Session:  Action Following Executive Session (if any)

a.        Personnel Considerations (action possible)

b.       Student Disciplinary Action (action possible)

c.        Pending Litigation (action possible)



IX.                Adjournment