Regular Meeting

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 7:00 p.m.

             Location of Meeting:  Unit Office Board Room



                               I.               Call to Order


II.                        Roll Call


III.                      Consent Agenda (action required)

A.                  Minutes of Regular Meeting – May 18, 2010

B.                   Treasurer’s Report (not available at this time)

C.                   Budget Reports (not available at this time)

D.                  Bill Listing (only a few bills available at this time)

E.Destruction of Executive Session Audio Tapes Older than 18 Months as per Code

F.First Reading: Revised Policy IDF

G.                   Out of State Trips


                            IV.               Correspondence


                             V.            Recognition of Visitors


                            VI.               Superintendent’s Report

                                                A.    Status Report


                           VII.               Old Business

A.      Amendments to Previous Motion on  Student Fees for 2010-11 School Year (action possible)

B.       Authorization to Seek Bids for a Used Bus to Replace Bus # 18  (action possible)

C.       Approval of Bid Quotes for Cafeteria Food Supplies, Dairy & Bread Products for First Semester of 2010-11 School Year  (action possible)

D.      Building and Grounds Update of Summer Work and East Side Steam Leak (action possible)


                         VIII.               New Business

A.      Approval to Renew Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Coverage with Gerlock & Associates/UnitedHealthcare for the 2010-11 School Year  (action required)

B.       Approval of  FY ‘11Prevailing Wage Rates  (action required)

C.       Approval to Maintain Membership in IASB for FY ‘11 (action possible)

D.      Approval to Establish FY’11 Imprest Funds (action required)

E.       Approval to Allow Trade Industries to Recycle about 100 Old Computers (action possible)

F.       Consideration to Set a Special Board Meeting to Pay Bills Later in the Month of June (action required)

G.       Executive Session

a.        Personnel Considerations

b.       Student Disciplinary Action

c.        Pending Litigation  

H.      Open Session:  Action Following Executive Session (if any)

a.        Personnel Considerations (action possible)

b.       Student Disciplinary Action (discussion only)

c.        Pending Litigation (action possible)


IX.                Adjournment