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Algebra I

Reviews basic algebra concepts covered in pre-algebra and builds on those concepts.  Concepts include working with data; operating with signed numbers; solving equations and inequalities in one and two variables; solving systems of equations; writing and graphing equations; using and factoring polynomials; using proportions and rational equations; and problem solving using each concept.

Prerequisite: "C" average or above in Algebra II

This course is divided into one semester of basic geometry and one semester of trigonometry.

A) Basic Geometry will cover definitions and postulates needed for formal geometric proofs.  Formal proof in the following areas will be covered: congruent triangles, perpendicular and parallel lines, polygons, the Pythagorean theorem, circles, and areas.

B) Trigonometry will cover all topics of trigonometry, including the six trigonometric functions, their graphs, solving right triangles, trig identities, the law of sines, and the law of cosines, along with the applications of trigonometry.

Algebra II
Prerequisite: "C" average or above in Algebra I

Reviews concepts covered in Algebra I and expands on those topics.  Includes solving and graphing inequalities, and quadratic equations; operating on matrices; solving systems of equations using matrices and Kramer's rule; using and solving functions, relations, powers, roots, and radicals, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, polynomials, polynomial functions, and rational functions.

Algebra III
Prerequisite: "C" average or abobe in Algebra II
Rend Lake Dual Credit: Math 1407/1107

Algebra 3 courses review and extend algebra and geometry concepts for students who have already taken Algebra I and Geometry. Transition Algebra courses include a review of such topics as properties and operations of real numbers; evaluation of rational algebraic expressions; solutions and graphs of first degree equations and inequalities; translation of word problems into equations; operations with and factoring of polynomials; simple quadratics; properties of plane and solid figures; rules of congruence and similarity; coordinate geometry including lines, segments, and circles in the coordinate plane; and angle measurement in triangles including trigonometric ratios.

Prerequisite: "C" average or above in Basic Geometry/Trigonometry
Rend Lake Dual Credit: Math 1108/1109

Practice in fundamental skills of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry is provided while advanced topics are introduced and practiced.  Topics emphasized in this course are logarithms, exponentials, all phases of trigonometry, matrices, determinants, arithmetic series, geometric series, conic sections, roots of higher order, polynomial equations, functions, and all major aspects of geometry.

Prerequisite: "C" average or above in Pre-Calculus
Rend Lake Dual Credit: Math 1121

This course is a dual credit math class through Rend Lake College. Calculus is MATH 1121. Calculus students will be charged $10 per book for the course for Rend Lake book rental.  It is a weighted math class which means it is on a 6.0 scale for students competing for class rank.  


Probability and Statistics courses focus on descriptive statistics, with an introduction to inferential statistics. Topics typically include event probability, normal probability distribution, collection and description of data, frequency tables and graphs, measures of central tendency and variability, random variables, and random sampling. Course topics may also include covariance and correlation, central limit theorem, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.